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About Hippie Girl Natural Products:


Hippie Girl at Heart

Hippie Girl Spa & Boutique is a small local business that revolves around the ideology of health and general welfare, not only for our clients but for the environment. Here at Hippie Girl we respect having simplistic wholesome products that benefit everyone and give back to the community. From home grown herbs, to all organic materials, we genuinely work towards giving our clients the best quality experience, for a reasonable price.


Creative, Handmade, Natural Products

All of our products here at Hippie Girl meet our standards of being completely natural, organic, and high quality. I believe in having all my products tie back to nature, which can be shown by the abundant herbs I grow in my personal garden. Having homegrown products only adds to my love of creating merchandise with the herbs which nature provides me. This gives me the pleasure of being able to channel my creative energy towards my products to ensure that they are as beautiful as the plants from which they originate.


A Hidden Hippie in the Heart of El Paso

The Hippie Girl spirit goes beyond beautifying and restoring our mind and body, it transcends to a desire to improve our community. The support our community gives us  truly helps our local business thrive as we try to help and give back. From assisting in multiple fundraisers to re-purposing a historic home built in 1905 we do what we can to give back.  We are proud to be located in the the heart of our city, where we can enjoy the great history, art, and culture of downtown El Paso.  Whether you are a native El Pasoan, or a traveler seeking a hidden gem in the borderland, we know you'll love and appreciate our one-of-a-kind boutique stocked with natural products, soaps and all your skin care needs items.