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About Hippie Girl Natural Products


Hippie Girl at Heart

Hippie Girl is more than a natural product line. Hippie Girl is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle founded on love and built around nature.  Growing herbs in my own garden to create amazing products and  enjoying the beauty of nature on my morning runs through Ascarate Park.  From being a vegetarian and a yoga enthusiast to caring about our plant and practicing recycling.  I am truly a Hippie Girl at heart and my heart goes into every handmade product I create.


Creative, Handmade, Natural Products

Hippie Girl Natural Products are created with herbs grown in my very own garden right here in El Paso, TX.  Because I grow my own herbs, I can ensure that all are only made with herbs that meet my high standards for quality and for being all natural and organic.  I love creating products with the herbs that nature provides me in each season and I love being creative so that my products are as beautiful as the plants and flowers that they are created from.  When I create natural products, I feel connected to nature and I know that when you buy and use my handmade products you'll get that feeling as well.


A Hidden Hippie In the Heart of El Paso

The Hippie Girl spirit goes beyond beautifying and restoring our mind and body, it transcends to a desire to improve our community by re-purposing a historic home built in 1905 and turning it into a truely special boutique located near the historic downtown El Paso shopping and tourist area.  We are proud to be located in the the heart of El Paso where we can enjoy the great history, art, and culture of downtown El Paso.  Whether you are a native El Pasoan or a traveler seeking a hidden gem in the borderland, we know you'll love and appreciate our one-of-a-kind boutique.